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Torres Law Firm, PA.

As a team, the Torres Law Firm strives to open paths to opportunities for clients!

Cary S. Torres, JD

With her deep expertise and experience in immigration law, Cary Torres specializes in creating opportunities for families, growing businesses and skilled professionals. Cary’s passion for building relationships and creating opportunities for her clients led her to develop her immigration law practice.

Cary helps family members petition for spouses, parents, and fiancés. She advises clients on all immigration related matters, including advising clients on consular processes and immigration waivers (pardons). Further, she enables U.S. and foreign-owned companies to recruit and retain talented personnel who lack U.S. work permits. She worked extensively with foreign professionals seeking employment in the U.S., including international postgraduate students and professionals in engineering, computer science, and the life and physical sciences.

Cary brings over 24 years of legal experience to her clients. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in business at the University of Florida before attending law school at Mercer University in Georgia. Prior to establishing her own firm, she worked for two of the oldest and most reputable law firms in Gainesville. As an associate at these firms, she worked in civil litigation, criminal defense, business, and contract law before embarking on her own practice in immigration law. Her expertise in trial practice, business and contract law continues to inform her work with deportation defense, corporate and postgraduate clients. Cary was born and raised in Miami, Florida and is fluent in Spanish. She has lived in Gainesville for many years and is married with three children.

JoAnnah Dogo

JoAnna M. Dogo, JD

JoAnna grew up in France and began her college career in Paris at the Faculté Libre de Droit d’Economie et de Gestion (College of Economic Law and Management), where she pursued a double degree in law and English. In the second year of her studies, when she was 19, she had the opportunity to follow her mother to the US. There, she transferred to the University of South Florida, where she earned a degree in criminology. After moving to Gainesville and finishing her law degree at the University of Florida’s Levin School of Law, she experienced the challenge of navigating the transition from being under a student visa immigration status to becoming a U.S. permant resident. Her procedure was done through the Torres Law Firm, PA.

With family roots in Togo, JoAnna is both the child of an immigrant family and an immigrant herself. She considers her multicultural, multinational background a gift. “I’m able to relate to our clients and what they’re going through because I’ve experienced it myself,” JoAnna said. “It helps me understand our clients better, and I always do my best to help them.” As an attorney, JoAnna most enjoys working on visa cases and helping employers sponsor promising immigrant employees. Every case is different, so you never get bored. It is really exciting to help someone who really wants to make a home in the US.”

Sajmir Xhikola

Sajmir Xhikola, JD

Sajmir was born in Albania and came to the US with his family through the Diversity Visa Program (a.k.a. the green card lottery) when he was 15. He earned a degree in political science at Eastern Michigan University before working in the labor movement in Michigan and Pennsylvania, where he worked closely with immigrant communities. This experience inspired his interests in law and in advocating for immigrants. After marrying, Sajmir followed his wife to Florida, where she was pursuing her medical residency. During this time, he attended law school at Eastern Michigan University’s Cooley School of Law, joining Torres Law Firm first as an extern and later as a permanent team member. Sajmir’s interest in immigration law is deep and personal. “I like immigration law because I’m an immigrant myself. I have experienced the legal process with my own family and when I brought my wife over from Albania. I like helping people who are in the same situation I was in.”

Karina Torres

Karina Torres, Client Communications Manager

Karina’s passion is helping people, which is why she loves caring for the clients at the Torres Law Firm. Born in Mexico, Karina moved to Florida with her parents at age 10. She began her professional life in retail, serving as a manager for Sally Beauty for five years. There, she realized she had a talent not only for management, but for customer service. She joined the Torres Law Firm to help others navigate the often-confusing immigration process. “The one thing that I always like to let the clients know is that I, myself am an immigrant and I have gone through the process that they’re going through,” Karina said. “Maybe not the exact same type of case, but I always express empathy for our clients and try to help as much as I can.” As client communications manager, Karina keeps clients informed about the progress of their cases. “I want our clients to feel that I’m not just a person doing my job—I understand what they’re going through. My happiness comes from making sure they’re happy.”