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We handle a wide range of legal services and work with dedication to understand your needs and provide effective communication in your native language.

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Providing Legal Services in your Native Language & Facilitating Cross-border Relationships

Working in a global economy, our multicultural law firm seeks to communicate with clients in their native language, so key facts and client desires could clearly be understood. Best strategies are developed knowing our clients' needs and goals!

Life Altering Injuries?

Based on years of personal injury litigation experience, our firm represents people involved in serious accidents who have suffered life changing injuries.

Immigration Law

Immigration Law

In today’s world-wide economy, employers do not need to limit their employment search strictly to their local areas. We help employers seek the most talented employees from around the world!

We handle a full range of immigration services with a commitment to understanding your specific needs through providing effective communication in your native language.

Criminal Defense

Our firm has a strong criminal defense background and will advise clients on any potential immigration consequences due to criminal charges.

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We are committed to understanding your need and goals. We are flexible and will tailor our services to your company or individual needs. If you have company-wide immigration needs, we can either handle all your needs or provide individualized support as needed.

We are determined to eliminate communication barriers, and we are prepared to develop the best strategies to achieve your goals. We strongly believe that in today’s global economy it is essential to understand our clients in their native language to provide the best service.

We will use our strong experience with various complex matters to get the result that you seek. We embrace change and stay ahead of it to always provide up to date legal advice. We are committed to providing excellent services while maintaining the highest code of ethics and professionalism.

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