Why You Need an Immigration Attorney

Why You Need an Immigration Attorney

Why You Need an Immigration Attorney

An immigration lawyer in Gainesville, FL, can help you navigate through challenges in the immigration application process. At Torres Law Firm, P.A., our goal is to take the confusion and stress out of paperwork for green card applications and more so you can focus on experiencing the benefits of life in the United States. The immigration process is unique to every person who goes through it, but an immigration attorney can intervene directly in many parts of the process as well as help other parts go smoother. Contact us to learn how a lawyer can assist you.

How an Immigration Lawyer in Gainesville Can Help

There’s no requirement that says you have to use an immigration lawyer to complete the application process. But for many immigrants and temporary citizens, problems, issues, and complications arise that require the assistance of a lawyer. So many situations exist where a person could use the help of an immigration attorney that listing them all would be impossible. At the same time, many immigrants confront a few common roadblocks where an immigration attorney in Gainesville could be useful.

Court Proceedings

Any person who’s facing immigration court deportation proceedings will want to seek out an immigration attorney immediately. While these proceedings are happening, the person’s status is completely in the hands of the courts. This means no paperwork or applications can rectify the situation, but a lawyer’s assistance in the courtroom can. You should ideally hire an immigration lawyer prior to the court proceedings, but bringing in an attorney during the proceedings or on appeal can still help. It’s also not a bad idea following court proceedings to consult an attorney about whether the court’s ruling affects your current immigration applications.

Deemed Inadmissible

Being deemed as inadmissible to the United States by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is perhaps the most widely encountered issue in immigration law. The U.S. Government can find many reasons for labeling a person as inadmissible, including if that person has lied to the U.S. Government in some way or committed a documented crime. While an immigration attorney can help you in this situation, it’s also advisable to proactively seek out a lawyer ahead of time if you suspect your application could be deemed inadmissible.

Completing & Filing Paperwork

Filling out immigration paperwork is sometimes like high-stakes gambling. One mistake on the application and it could be delayed or even rejected. But the instructions on immigration applications are often lengthy and specific, which can make completing them without errors a challenge. An immigration attorney has seen these applications time and time again and knows how to complete them properly. Most immigration lawyers even have streamlined systems to fill out the paperwork faster and more accurately.

Delayed Application

Recall that the immigration process is bureaucratic, which means there are many different people playing a role in getting your application through the proper channels. Because of the complexities of the process, things often happen that delay even a perfect application. For example, let’s say you moved to Gainesville recently and updated the address on your green card application. The next step is for USCIS to transfer the application to a new field office closer to your new address, but if that doesn’t happen, or if the application gets lost in the shuffle, your application can be set back significantly through no fault of your own. While an immigration lawyer can’t correct a situation like this directly, an attorney would have access to information that could tell you the reasons for any delays.

How to Choose an Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer is the person who can be the difference between you staying in the United States or returning to your previous country of residence. Given the potential benefits a lawyer can offer you, it’s important to be selective and choose one who’s right for you. The first step is to know your budget. Services from a Gainesville immigration lawyer can range in price, but you’d rather pay up for someone who can get the job done than seek a bargain. If you have other friends who’ve used an immigration lawyer, ask them for referrals. And once you’ve found a lawyer, ask him or her for references, so you can confirm he or she does good work. After confirming the lawyer’s skills and negotiating fees, the final step is to build a relationship with your attorney, which makes it easier to communicate on important details of the legal case.

An Attorney Who Speaks Your Language

You want an attorney who speaks your language both literally and figuratively. If English is a second language for you, it’s always a good idea to consider hiring a lawyer from a similar background as yours or who speaks your native language fluently. Being able to converse about technical matters with your attorney is essential for getting adequate legal representation. Also, when your attorney is also an immigrant or has ties to the immigrant community, he or she is likely to empathize with your situation and appreciate its significance. In other words, a lawyer who has experienced the frustration of a delayed application, for example, will be more likely to understand how you feel about the problems with your application and maybe work harder because of that knowledge.

Immigration Lawyer in Gainesville, FL

An immigration lawyer is more than an attorney. This person is the resource that will get you past the challenges of an immigration application and enable you to experience the benefits of life in the United States. Torres Law Firm, P.A. is dedicated to helping you through the immigration process in Gainesville, FL, so you can realize all those benefits. And if you’d relate better to a Spanish-speaking lawyer who’s been through the immigration process, our law firm is a place you’ll feel comfortable. But no matter your background or your legal issues, Torres Law Firm, P.A. is available to assist you in all immigration matters. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney.

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